Prairie Bluestem suggested I find one color or theme in my possessions and build my interior design on that color.  What a wonderful organizing principle.  Oh, that I could discipline myself to make that choice.

I like red. 

A lot. 

Not really scarlet, crimson, or garnet.  More pimento and marinara and fire engines.

The red of the cannas that attract the hummingbirds.  Especially the red of my mother's collection of Dansk cookware, and the hot lava glaze on the Woolly Mammoth's pottery piece. 

Fresh tubes of cadmium red light oil and watercolor paints.  Cherry tomatoes and a well-worn dictionary.

Stuffed red peppers for a winter supper. A can of Mr. and Mrs. T Bloody Mary mix on the airplane between Denver and Lincoln.

Head 'em up.  Move 'em out.  The red pieces should probably be accents in my condo arrangement.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Today there seemed to be many red threads connecting lives and blogs. Another blog I follow told of a trip to a Bluestem B&B in Michigan and I thought to myself, "what is a bluestem?" then YOUR blog provided another impetus to look it up in the dictionary. I have the exact same big red dictionary as the one you show in your blog! In pretty much the same lovingly-worn condition. But bluestem wasn't in the dictionary so I had to go to my wildflower book where I found it. And I've mentioned before my 8-year olds love of red.

Collagemama said...

Prairie Bluestem blogs at http://prairiebluestem.blogspot.com/

Kim said...

Then I went to my kids' school library to volunteer this afernoon and saw that the recommended books in Illinois for 4th and 5th graders are on a list called none other than Bluestem. I think I will be blogging about bluestems tomorrow!

Collagemama said...

You should check Plano Bluestem's blog about changing his suburban lawn into a nature preserve! http://planobluestem.blogspot.com/


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