The real treasure found

Who gets the Bavarian crystal wine glasses that my dad shipped back to the U.S. at the end of WWII?  The list is missing.  We can all remember seeing the list written out on lined paper in my mother's script.  We just can't remember where we saw it. 

Dividing a family home is emotional business.  Sometimes the emotion is guilt about not feeling more interested in shipping alleged family treasures across country to our already stuffed homes where they will sit in boxes for another couple decades.

I sat cross legged on the floor deciphering Mom's handwriting through a bundle of letters I had marked "SAVE" years ago.  Perhaps the crystal mystery list was in one of Mom's letters.

No, but Mom was in the letters.  Her phrasing, pacing, petty grievances, insecurities, vast love, often queasy innards, amazing common sense, observance of nature, love of golf tournaments and a nice restaurant meal, and great enjoyment of her grandsons all spoke through the pages.  How lucky I was to share many lovely fall days with Mom and my very young sons at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.  How fortunate my sons to have that close connection with their grandmother.  How lucky I will be to ever share similar experiences with future grandchildren.

Does it matter who gets the crystal punchbowl? 

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kim said...

I, myself, would opt for the letters over any other treasure. What a blessing to have those memories of her.


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