Ada and Emma were young working women helping support their mother in Verdigre, Nebraska.  They taught school, sewed, and made hats.  They had beaus fighting the Germans in France in World War I.  They had a hope chest packed with many never-used linens and clothing items. 

I'm unpacking the hope chest and pondering the meanings.  I have Ada and Em's scrapbook albums and photo postcards of young men in uniform on motorcycles.  Other albums show photos of young women wearing fresh, simple, white outfits and eccentric hats.  I just don't have time to connect all the dots right now.

This lovely knit garment is Munsingwear size 4 with a dropseat for ease of use in outhouses.  Tonight I am grateful for indoor plumbing and Charmin. 

Entirely too much of my day teaching preschoolers involves their ability to flush and wash their hands.  Thank you, Lord, I don't have to worry about kids managing their dropseat undies or falling into the primitive Port-a-Potty!

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

That reminds me of my friend Pat finding her grandmother's crotchless bloomers. We thought to ourselves, ooh la la! but they were probably for ease in the outhouse too!

Kathleen said...

I love underwear, and I have a journal with a dress on a hanger on a door similar to this photo. Found you through Kim!


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