Who said red?

Thanks to suggestions from a NETLS earliest literacy workshop hand-out, I've started the After Nap Storytime.  The storytime routine helps the children have a quiet, special time in what was often a crabby part of their day.

What is NETLS?  The Northeast Texas Library System is a cooperative or consortium of libraries in thirty-three counties providing support and continuing education to member libraries.  My longtime friends shared what they learned at the workshop when I subbed at the library. 

One suggestion, the Color Box, from their workshop fit my immediate need to help our youngest students learn the names of colors.  I put together a box of red objects because I had a nice red box.  Each child pulls an object from the box with closed eyes. The child does a little show & tell about the object, naming the color, describing the object.  We joke about getting our hands stuck in the box by trying to pull out more than one object. From way back in my memory came the conversation, "Who said red?  Did you say red?  I said red."  That became part of our repetitive Color Box game.  I think it comes from Mary Serfozo's book, Who Said Red?

On another front I am addressing the division of Mom's collection of red Dansk pieces between myself and my siblings. So, who said red Dansk?


Last weekend I finally caught a red skimmer dragonfly with my little Canon camera.  Today I found a strange red lily growing between the condos and the creek.  It doesn't fit either patio or wilderness. 

I wonder if it ran away to become a carnival worker on the State Fair midway. The more I looked at it, the more the lily resembles the Tilt-a-Whirl ride at the fair.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Love your photos! My daugher would only wear red from age 5 to 6. It got to the point where if by some strange fluke she did not wear red I might not be able to find her in the outdoor playground at pre-school/school those 2 years. Her room is red, Bubble Gum Red, and as one of my friends put it "She is Very grounded."


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