Ruby-throated battle bots

This is prime hummingbird time in Plano, Texas. My tiny patio is filled with seven-foot tall cannas topped with red blossoms. A cypress vine with red trumpet flowers has grown up the iron birdfeeder hook.

Beyond my privacy fence the soapberry tree on the next patio provides perches and shade for hummingbirds when they aren't engaged in territorial battles for control of the birdfeeder and the galaxy.

A striped garden caterpillar is eating the cypress vine crawling around and around the hook like a candycane stripe.  It nibbles oblivious to the air raids. 

Baby anole lizards less than three inches long are jumping from one canna leaf to the next.  And then there are the dogfights! Fabulous aerial duels between hummingbirds make me wonder why there aren't any hummingbird flight simulation video games.  One hummingbird pumped up on testosterone or sugar water attacked this large, clueless cloudless sulphur butterfly today.

It's a wonder I got anything done today!

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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