I'm forever buying soy sauce

I'm pondering the Disneyfied mysteries of supply and demand this evening as I attempt to make my favorite barbecue basting sauce.  I just bought a bottle of soy sauce.  I did, I did!  I'm sure it was Kikkoman.  Now it is nowhere, man.  I've twirled and twirled the lazy Susan cabinet organizers, and peered deeply into the pantry cupboard.  I'm forever buying soy sauce.  I'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air.

On the other extreme, I must be the soup spoon apprentice.  I've got three clean forks, and four each knives and teaspoons.  Fifteen soup spoons!  I can barely lift them.  I'm sure it's the doing of Mickey Mouse.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

I found your blog by a random act of universal grace (by accident so to speak.) I was looking at my own and hit Next Blog just for fun and here yours is. I love it and I'm going to follow it. Don't worry, I'm a regular person. Mother of 2. Kind of quirky, silly, spiritualish. If you want to check, my blog is at www.kimsaddiction.blogspot.com. (My addiction is to hummus.)


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