Grasshoppers grinding

Last time I walked at Oak Point Nature Preserve, the grasshoppers were everywhere. The grinding sound of their chewing formed a scratchy foundation under all my other sights and experiences.  Whenever I strayed off the paved trail, I was inside a grasshopper corn popper. 

Don't jump.  Don't jump so. Don't jump so close to me.

All grasshoppers should be on a leash.  There are very few insects that strike instant abhorrence in me nowadays.  I'm just not fond of wasps, grasshoppers, and bagworms. 

Don't jump. Don't jump so. Don't jump so close to me.

Last Wednesday the art project was "Big, blue, beautiful butterflies" inspired by Graeme Base's Animalia.  This week I'll be grinding my teeth as we do green grasshopper art. 

My dentist won't let me grind my teeth.  Don't grind.  Don't grind so.  Don't grind...

Still, it has been a grinding weekend researching Medicare D plans, skilled care facilities, and home sales in the 68510 zip code. 

Found a fun new online toy--The Free Sound Project.  Downloaded recordings of grasshoppers and cicadas to play for my little art students when we make our great green grasshopper art this week.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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