Commuter's warning/Commuter's delight

Weeks are speeding by without any opportunities for reading Moby Dick on my Kindle.  I worry that I'll forget whatever I had learned about sperm whales by the time life settles down. 

Sailors are on my mind, though, as I head to work straight into the sunrise.  4 x 12 years ago, more or less, I learned a song from The American Singer elementary school songbook.  Our teacher must have blown her pitchpipe to start us singing:

Red sky in morning
Sailors take warning.
Red sky at night
Is sailors' delight.

Did anybody tell the sailors that sunset and sunrise colors are more saturated when the air is full of particulate matter like pollen and dust? 

Life is spinning along while I try to sell my father's house and manage finances.  At the same time, I am working on a continuing professional education packet about music, earliest literacy, and shared culture.

Did anybody tell the sailors that IRA redemptions are totally taxable?  After several attempts, I talked with one of my father's financial advisors about making funds available to pay Dad's bills.  Somehow I got hide'n'seek crossed with tax recommendations.  I just want to know why Ollie Ollie's oxen are tax income free.

And who is this Ollie Ollie fellow?  Does he drive to work when the sun is just rising?  Does Ollie lift a coffee mug from his cupholder to salute the morning?  Does Ollie ponder our shared culture, its musical connection, and the mangling thereof?

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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