The spell is broken

Bubble bubble cellphone trouble.  Three friends have dropped their cellphones in liquids in the last three weeks, and now our dreadful, dry heat wave is over.  Coincidence?  I think not.  This is the rain dance for the new millennium!

I was ready to offer a sacrificial cellphone myself if it would bring relief from the triple digit temps.  Would you give up your August air conditioner in Dallas to save your cellphone?  Or would you give up the cellphone to save your a/c?

Let us carve caryatids to commemorate the three women who broke the spell:

The first demigoddess peeled off her sweaty exercise clothes, dropped them in the washing machine, and started the cycle.  Her phone met a sudsy end. 

Demigoddess Two lost her cellphone to what we will euphemistically call "Indoor Plumbing". These things happen.  Frequently.  How often?

Our third demigoddess, a Pythian homeschooler/prophetess, not to mention harried mother of teens, dropped her phone in her iced tea. 

And, LO!  Refreshing temperatures arrived on a divine wind.  And rain fell from Mount Olympus.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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