More squirreliness

I looked up from the computer to see a squirrel racing along my fencetop with a mouthful of blue-gray stuff. It looked like dryer lint. A LOT of dryer lint.  When I grabbed my camera the squirrel must have caught my movement in the window.  It stopped and tried to become invisible.

The squirrel hadn't cleaned out a dryer vent. It was making off with a torn up piece of an old bath towel from somebody's patio. I only got one photo before the squirrel jumped onto the shed roof.

Friends were just discussing special blankies, teddy bears, and other lovie attachments Saturday at Texas Discovery Garden.  I was remembering when the Woolly Mammoth lost "The Special Bunny" at the Texas State Fair.  I backtracked all over the blazing fairgrounds including the garden that is now Texas Discovery Garden in search of "The Special Bunny".  Turned out it was stuffed in a backpack, and never really lost.  It would really be lost later in Washington, D.C., on another blazing day.

You wouldn't think a squirrel would need a blankie when it is this hot.  You never know when you might need a little comfort, though.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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