Hiding in plain sight

It's been way too long since I did a slow walk around the condo complex and the creek. Summer heat is the main reason for my lapse, but finishing a book for my son and his bride took much of my free time lately.

The little frog trying to hide under a blade of grass by the creek was smaller than a pencil eraser. It reminded me of toddlers playing peek-a-boo. If I cover my eyes, you can't see me!

The turtle is as big as a luncheon plate. I can't get a good photo of him. He's zipping back to his hide-out under the big tree roots.

The funny bunny was playing freeze tag trying to decide if I was a threat. I was definitely scary until I had a shower. Even a slow walk at seven a.m. is a dripping experience.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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