Blue hair no more

The defining look at the senior residence dining hall is white pants. Sure, there were lots of red, white, and blue tops for Memorial Day weekend, but the senior ladies' white pants stayed after the holiday.

A childhood visit to Pierce or McCook meant seeing elderly ladies with distinctly blue, and sometimes purple, rinses on their white hair. That's why I resist any suggestion by my hairdresser, Scary Hair Tammy, to hide my gray.

When we first moved to Texas, twenty years ago this month, the whole family went to Ponytail Eddy for haircuts. We started going to Tammy at least fifteen years ago when I could still order #3 clipper cuts for three boys. So Tammy knows why my hair is gray.

Returning from my week at assisted living, I thought I'd clean out my closet. Found a pair of white capris in the back that I hadn't worn in several summers. Clearly, they should go in the Goodwill bag, but first I tried them on. Amazed that they zipped, I was too lazy to change into something else. So now I've got the white pants look, and I'm ready to go to bingo!

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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