Ballet Perspective

Little girls in pretty dresses knew what to do in the shallow reflecting water feature at the Winspear Opera House. As they arrived for Texas Ballet Theater's "Sleeping Beauty", they pulled off their shoes and waded out with pointed toes and controlled steps to assume first, second, or third position. Some parents shot photos, and other scolded.

The water is so shallow you can walk out in your shoes. It's just enough to make a silver mirror surface to reflect the building and its great louvered sunshade. It was a day to be grateful:

  • I don't have to teach perspective in my art classes, as the kids are mostly way too young.
  • I'm lucky to have friends who share their tickets to arts events.
  • I can enjoy the billowing clouds over the small triangle park, and retreat quickly to my air-conditioned job.
  • I found a free parking spot, which always makes me feel like a lottery winner.

It was a gorgeous production of "Sleeping Beauty", and fun to share it with young dance students. Eddy Tovar was perfect as the prince.

The evening ended with the most memorable scene of all. I walked behind a precious group on Flora Street. Grandma was forging ahead leading two sleepy little girls in Full Tutu. Grandpa was bringing up the rear carrying two tiny pink purses.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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