Thyme for new shoes

My new walking shoes are so clean they may emit ultraviolet rays. At least today they have enough poofiness to make my feet happy, which is a super power. I was glad to get the birthday discount at the shoe store.

Next stop on the birthday gift card adventure was Barnes & Noble. I got two field guides, one for trees, and another for Texas wildflowers. Slow walks for my 365 Project have made it clear I don't know diddly about trees. The internet is a wonderful resource, but sometimes I really need to page through the illustrations in a book.

My family gave me a Kindle, and I'm working through the field guide to that previously unknown species. Still have a way to go on the learning curve!

A dear buddy gave me a gift card to Northhaven Gardens, a Dallas treasure. A nature photography lecture by Keith Crabtree was scheduled for this afternoon. Seemed like a nudge from the cosmos! His presentation gave me lots of ideas to pursue in my photo work.

At Northhaven Gardens I got thyme, rosemary, lemon balm, and verbena. Set them out in pots, and now my patio is at maximum capacity. It's been a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all my wonderful friends!

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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