Flat Stanley Goes Smockless

International celebrity Flat Stanley, visited my preschool art class today for the very first time. We were painting our fish tank projects, but Flat Stanley did not have a paint shirt so he had to stay inside a plastic sandwich bag. You can see that he resembles a French mime in a "box".

Like Tom Cruise, Flat Stanley is smaller in person than you would expect. He listened politely when I read Lucy Cousin's Hooray for Fish, and was interested in the preschoolers' work.

Flat Stanley has logged millions of travel miles visiting classrooms and families around the globe. His intense work schedule helps keep him trim. I read in some newspaper or newspost that F. Stanley was in this country to help Michele Obama with her project to prevent Puffy Stanleys and Chunky Stanleys.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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