Short Buicks get no respect

Payday! Yippee! Just going to drive through the new bank down at the corner to make a deposit, get some cash, and make a mortgage payment.

Whoa. Where is the Six Flags sign about being this tall to ride this ride? My Buick is not tall enough for the Wells Fargo drive-up window. When the teller drawer glides out, it almost grazes the roof of my car. I've got long arms, but lack a giraffe's neck to see into the drawer to get my cash.

In this SUV town the Skylark needs an Americans With Disabilities Act modification. As if my self-esteem wasn't low enough already, my car don't get no Dangerfield respect. Next payday I'll have to borrow the educational periscope toy from school.

Short Buicks got no reason...

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Genevieve said...

Even in bank drive-throughs, "one size fits all" is not true. My car is too short for the ATM at my bank. I have to open the car door to be able to stretch my arm far enough.


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