Green Line destination

Oops. I never got around to posting about the fantastic new Sammons Butterfly House at Texas Discovery Gardens. That was the destination for my Green Line DART rail trip, and one of the best eight dollars I ever spent.

I took 153 photos, of which fifteen were keepers. Butterflies aren't the most cooperative subjects. The ADHD butterflies with the pink wing stripes were the crowd favorite, but a photographer's nightmare. This was my luckiest shot of the small postman.

A birthday party was in progress, with lots of little kids and parents oohing and aahing. What a refreshing alternative to bouncy houses, Chucky Cheese, and kiddie manicure parties! Yikes. I caught myself wishing for grandchildren!

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson from the 30th District was hosting an event out in the garden with international dance groups and great smelling barbecue. At first I though the varied rhythms I was hearing inside the Butterfly House came from the dance music. Gradually, I realized it was the varied rhythms of the little kids on the descending ramp, skipping, hopping, galloping, and running pretending to fly.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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Carol said...

Any time you want to go back, just let me know.



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