Why didn't I think of that?

I had never considered making itty bitty collages on my fingernails until my site counter indicated Google hits for "nail art collage football". I'd not even thought of creating a collage on a pigskin, but it has possibilities. Bad spelling can inspire art, but it impedes searches for teensy pinkie nail decals.

My favorite football story this week comes from Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News. The newspaper story about Mike Leach is better than the Texas Monthly magazine photo. I didn't pick the magazine off the newsstand to check for a centerfold:

LUBBOCK – Peering one-eyed from the cover of the latest Texas Monthly is West Texas' resident Bluebeard, a coach who doesn't just march to the beat of a different drummer, he's leading his own merry band.

For instance: Asked if he had any issues posing with an eye-patch for the magazine, the Pirate said no.

"They said there wouldn't be any nudity," he added, thoughtfully, "so I felt good about that."

Don't we all.

Might be time to pull Kathy Tucker's picture book, Do Pirates Take Baths?, off the shelf. The preschoolers always love hearing it. Wish Tucker had written a storytime sequel called, Do Pirates Flush and Wash Their Hands With Soap?

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