Thanks be to Bakers Coconut

The choreographer found it first. "Oh, my gosh! I've got to have this!," she said.

We were going through Mom's cookbook cabinet. The cover of the pamphlet pulled at something deep inside me, but I shrugged and said, "I don't like coconut."

Turns out, my choreographer sister doesn't eat coconut, either. We were remembering instead our fascination when Mom cut and formed a sheet cake or round layer cakes into birthday party works of art. Mom could spin a whole party theme from a few cuts and manipulations of Duncan Hines.

Transforming a sheet of paper or lump of clay with simple cuts and manipulations to create an artwork is the core of my work as an artist and teacher. Taking shapes and angles and moving them through three dimensions to fit a piece of music is my sister's work. Building on a subject theme fires our creative burners.

This evening I'm sad for kids with bouncy house/Chuckie Cheese birthday parties. Where is the creativity in that?

Seafoam punch was served at the fish party. Lime sherbet and ginger ale, with maybe a bit of pineapple juice...

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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Genevieve said...

I have some old recipe pamphlets from my mom's cookbook shelf too -- Knox Gelatin, Robin Hood Flour, and others. I see similar recipe pamphlets at antique & junk stores, and they always tempt me, for some reason. However, I'm usually restrained by the price stickers. People must collect them.

The seafoam punch sounds good.


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