Diesel fumes and pancake syrup

Real guys love real trucks, even if the guys are only 24-months old. Had a hoot doing toddler storytime today at the library. Rhymes, finger plays, and cute illustrated picture books were all good. We made "vroom" sound effects and turned imaginary steering wheels. But when I showed the non-fiction book with large glossy full-color photos of actual dumptrucks hoisted to spill their loads the toddler males rushed the stage! Imagine a mosh pit with raisins and cheerios...

I know the "real" truck books my sons loved are long out-of-print. I'm pretty sentimental about the years our family considered the truckstop cafe a five-star restaurant with a scenic view of tractor-trailers and diesel pumps. Plus, breakfast was served any hour of the day or night.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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