In the early, wild, no-budget, primitive, html-intensive days of Blogger I could change the look of the Itty Bitty Blog at the drop of a hat. A blog was a starter home, possibly in north Omaha, where it was okay to repaint the bedroom with that leftover can of Minty Green you found in the basement. You could add some homemade polka dot curtains and tack up Jane Avril posters. Fun, free, garish, and optimistic that eventually you would have nice grown-up furniture--dang, how I miss it.

My blog has grown up, even if I never got the furniture. Blogger's layout widgets replaced my inept experiments with html code. Changing the overall appearance of the blog now would jeopardize the pageviews of hundreds of posts and photos. Rigid. Calcified. Republican. Maybe that's how it feels to wear a pinstripe suit and red necktie everyday.

At the drop of a hat--Something that happens suddenly, almost without warning. This expression probably comes from the American West, where the signal for a fight was often just the drop of a hat. I've got to take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves to get re-energized about blogging. Not sure whether I need to paint my bedroom green or watch Butch Cassidy's knife fight with Harvey Logan.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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