Blog Action Day--Poverty 2008

I've been intrigued by Dallas Morning News reports of a project created by University of Texas--Arlington architecture students that received an award from the AIA of Dallas:

Holding House, Buildingcommunity WORKSHOP, Urban Edge Excellence in Sustainable Design Award and Community Award

Holding House is on Congo Street in a blighted, crime-plagued 62-block area of Dallas being revitalized as "Jubilee Park". The "Holding House" is a place for a family to live temporarily while their own home is being renovated and brought up to code. The house is a two-bedroom, one-bath, 698 square foot home with a front porch. The design allows the temporary residents to remain connected with their neighborhood.

The design is also energy-efficient and constructed of salvaged materials, and was built for $44K. It is aesthetically pleasing, and would make a fine design for a fishing cabin. Perhaps Buildingcommunity WORKSHOP could sell the plans to continue financing construction of urban improvement projects.

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