Right on schedule

There's a hummingbird at the feeder this evening. It's the first week of August, so I expect to see hummingbirds. Still, I'm ever so pleased to look up from my work and find a hummingbird.

Nature carries on with plans and specifications I can barely comprehend. The worms in the vermicompost are untroubled by calendars or clocks. They are only mildly perturbed by bright lights. I carry on with work, usually vaguely perturbed by many things. Today I'm perturbed by bright lights and burned out ones.

My morning task was to match architectural light fixture specifications and lightbulb order numbers with their location in the newly renovated library. Bulbs are just beginning to burn out, but which type goes with which fixture? There are seventeen different types of light fixtures, but no indication for the number of each kind or the location in the library. It's a good, absorbing puzzle for me this day, except for staring too much at the bright lights.

I would never make it with seventeen different lightbulbs. I always have to phone home and have a son check the dimensions of the furnace filter when I'm shopping (14x25x1!).

Part way down the fixture checklist I was forced to take my scavenger hunt to the internet to sort out all the Lightolier product numbers. It pleased me no end to have a baby gecko crawl out from behind the computer monitor to consider whether I might be an edible bug. I wasn't, so it scurried off for the shadows.

In some cultures a gecko is considered a thoughtful wedding present. A new couple with a new household should have a little nocturnal lizard on guard to eat insects and spiders. I've always considered finding a green anole or gecko inside my condo good luck and entertainment. It made me happy to know that the library's friendly reptiles had survived the renovation and were back on the job.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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