Rain On June

Each morning this week as I crawl slowly through the Mockingbird Lane construction obstacle course I study the SMU football team on the practice field. Haven't yet caught sight of June Jones. Guess I'm hoping he's still wearing an Hawaiian shirt on the sideline to make spotting easier.

We had glorious rain and thunder claps in the night. The Kahuna had to take his Mustangs indoors for practice, I guess. No action on the soggy field today.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. It "chucks" on the skylight. It "kachings" on the rotating blade of the air conditioner. Seeping slowly into my mind, I awake enough to move from the sofa back to the bedroom. A half hour later it finally drips into the Woolly Mammoth's brain. I rouse to the pitter patter of size eleven and a half feet on the stairs and the screech of the swollen front door. He pads out to his car to close the moon roof! Too soggy late.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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