Peter Piper On the Patio

While I was watching a hummingbird at the feeder, this little anole lizard leapt onto the pepper plant and called for my attention. He only consented to pose for one photo as he scanned the airspace around pretty much my entire crop of peppers. Jeepers creepers, this has been a hot summer to garden.

I've had three [3] peppers, and one [1] tomato. Total. The basil is going great, but the cilantro and other herbs shrivelled up and died. Even the red cannas that attract the hummingbirds are shorter and slower to bloom than usual. I would blame all this on a brown thumb, but the school garden isn't doing much better. Only the okra and basil are thriving. The okra can thrive all it wants, but I'm still not going to eat it!

Johnny Mercer wrote casual, memorable, and witty lyrics from the 1930s into the Seventies. He collaborated with a Who's Who roll call of the best and most famous composers and singers of the era. Louis Armstrong premiered "Jeepers Creepers," the jazz standard Mercer and Harry Warren wrote for the movie "Going Places" in 1938. Incidentally, Ronald Reagan was in that movie.

Jeepers creepers, where'dya get those peepers?
Jeepers creepers, where'dya get those eyes?

Johnny Mercer/Harry Warren 1938

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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Christine Thresh said...

He is wonderful looking.


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