Two New Windows

Two new Buick "quilt windows" bring the total to sixteen. I still had a lot of the same or very similar dyed fabrics in the big box in the closet, so I've pulled them out and made a heap in the middle of the bedroom floor. The sewing machine is up and running, along with the ironing board. You could call my decor Eclectic Obstacle Course.

The comments from readers were so well-thought out. I'm very awed and grateful that you took the time to write your design ideas for the spacing, configuration, background fabric, and quilting. I definitely won't be stuffing the project back in the box now!

The window blocks need considerable background space around them to breathe. Size is a major consideration, as each block is twenty-seven inches wide, and sixteen inches tall. I tried giving the blocks more space, and arranging them by horizon line and storm development. Unfortunately, I ran out of living room floor!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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