Plum bunny loves me

The preschool bunny might be up for some Bohemian plum dumplings. He's decided that I'm his buddy again after a considerable period of indifference. The reason for his change of heart? Irrational rabbit rapture for plums eaten way down to the pits!

These delicious plums came from the grand opening of the Sprouts Farmers Market grocery store at Coit and Campbell, the latest destination in my summer "staycation". I've been eating the plums at lunch or snack, then letting Norton nibble the leftovers. To let me know he's appreciative, he snuggles up next to me while students do their reading aloud work. It's great fun, since the children think Norton has come to listen to their reading, and we all read better with an audience!

A rabbit lets you know he cares by galloping around your feet in tight circles and occasional figure eights. This hilarious cross between figure skating and lagomorph rodeo might have been the inspiration for one of my favorite picture books. Oh, I will be so disappointed if Rabbits On Roller Skates, by Jan Wahl, has been culled from my library's shelves!

Driving home after the vigil service about eight tonight, the sun was setting in a luscious, intensely glowing, plum color. True, the effect was probably due to all the particulates and ozone in our air, but I'd like to think that my student is reading to a happy rabbit out there somewhere.

Somebody loves me, I wonder who
I wonder who he can be
Somebody loves me, I wish I knew
Who can he be worries me

(Buddy DaSilva / George Gershwin / Ballard MacDonald) 1924

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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