Déjà Fondue All Over Again

My gosh! This photo was on the front of the homes-for-sale section of my newspaper classifieds yesterday. Thought I had stumbled into a time machine to 1976. All this kitchen needs is some macrame plant hangers and a color-coordinated retro Rival crockpot full of melted Velveeta! You just know there's a foosball table in the next room. The woman's blouse screams "Quiana", that strangely slimy AND foamy synthetic non-breathing fabric I hoped we were over and done with forever.

The Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations attributes "It was déjà vu all over again," to Yogi Berra. It doesn't mention fondue forks.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder


Christine Thresh said...

Was that photo for real? Is there an actual house for sale with such a kitchen? The blouse is perfect for the housewife.

Collagemama said...

Some things you just can't make up. The photo was from page 1W of the Dallas Morning News, last Friday, 7/25/08. The caption reads, "Interior designer Jill Esteb recently purchased her first home, a two-story D.R. Horton design in Frisco. Many local real estate experts are encouraging potential buyers to take advantage of the current low interest rates, favorable pricing and available inventory."

Genevieve said...

Ugh, the colors remind me of my first apartment. That was about 1972, I think.


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