Day Three at the Larry Book Festival

The Larry movement is building momentum. If Barack Obama had a lick of sense, he would name Larry the polar bear as his running mate.

Larry is the Classroom Motivator. He's about Change and Making Things Happen. I tell a preschooler in a low voice, "Hey, I hope you can get this work done so we have enough time to read about Larry." The work gets done!

Today we read At the Hotel Larry. It is difficult disguising a nine and a half foot tall polar bear to take him to the Pancake Palace. You have to dress him in a very big coat, hat, and sunglasses, and pretend he is your uncle from Milwaukee. Preschoolers understand pancakes!

Tomorrow, I will take a very big coat to school, along with a beret, so the kids can put on a disguise. We will look for Milwaukee and New Jersey on the map. Now I just need to find some dark sunglasses.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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