Arabella Miller

Found this fresh, fun picture book on the New Book Shelf at my public library, and checked it out for my preschool class. The kids loved it, and I couldn't wait for them to ask me for an encore reading. You might say, "It has a good beat; you can dance to it," if it were on Preschool Bandstand with Dick Clark. The large format and clear, vibrant illustrations made it perfect for circle time.

I returned the book before I learned that "Little Arabella Miller" is a favorite British nursery rhyme and finger play. Clare Jarrett's picture book expands on the nursery rhyme to show the life cycle of the caterpillar.

There are several online sources for the words and actions of the nursery rhyme:

Little Arabella Miller had a fuzzy caterpillar (Tickle palm with two fingers)
First it crawled up on her mother (Walk fingers up left arm)
Then upon her baby brother (Walk fingers up right arm)
They said, "Arabella Miller! (Walk fingers up over head)
Put away your caterpillar!" (Hide hands behind back)

It would be fun creating a finger play for Jarrett's new verses. I hope Arabella arrives on your library's New Book Shelf. Check it out!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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