Holy Skiing Lemurs, Batman!

On the longest day of the year, it is good to have a cool mental image for refreshing inspiration. I share with you my niece's wintery slope fashion designs for a lemur.

As a MOBO, it's fun to have a niece who shares my interests in art and sewing, even if she lives very far away. I think she would like this tiny spider I discovered between two flower pots on my little patio. This arachnid fashion designer is less than a quarter inch long including legs. The crazy zigzag pattern at the center of its web is about the size of a dime. I worry that the little creature got one of its feet stuck on the pedal of the world's smallest Singer sewing machine!

My junior high Home Ec teachers, Mrs. Meston and Mrs. Starr, didn't let us zigzag, and neither did my mom. Zigzagging was considered kind of like cheating in those days. If you couldn't do it with a straight stitch, it probably shouldn't be done --decadent behavior unbecoming a young seamstress!

Maybe the little spider is just trying to fashion a cooling snowflake on this hot day.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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