Worms write grocery list--Details at ten

Avocado, ummmm! Avocados on sale at Albertsons, umhmhmhm! Perfect excuse, priceless, as the tv commercials say. I must compensate for the shortage of banana peels in my worm bin to provide potassium for my little garbage disposers. It's a great excuse to put avocado in my lunchbox pita sandwiches, just so the worms can eat the peels!

Letting the worms dictate my grocery shopping list is probably a bit abnormal. It's not really into the range of the DSM-IV, though. The enhancement of the fresh fruit and veggie parts of my diet is worth humoring the worms. Worms are fond of avocado, but they save their major accolades for watermelon rind. Think rave wave worm faves!

Last week on Monday I gave the worms the rind of a quarter watermelon. On Friday night I found nothing left of the rind but the thin green veneer. It looked like a piece of bright green foil gift wrap. So I bought another quarter melon at Albertsons tonight.

If you must, think outside the bin!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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