Floyd on fiscal policy fashions

Thought wandering through Kohl's might help my attitude after a long week at work, but it made things worse. Found a pair of desperately-needed basic Lee Plain Front slacks for $21.99, but everything else in the Misses Dept. was hideous, slimy, and insulting to my intelligence. When did aliens from the Planet Acetate take over the brains of department store buyers? The store is jam-packed with ugly faux-retro pseudo-maternity fashions for lifesize Bratz and MyScene Juicy-Bling Dolls by Mattel. I would rather suck a Sucrets than spend five more minutes in the store!

Checking out is as bad as browsing. A magenta-haired kid with giant pierced ear barbells was manning the register. Yikes! He used to be on my son's soccer team.

Maybe there's a good reason why a huge demographic of consumers is not shopping in a patriotic manner. Maybe it's not "the economy, stupid" ala the '92 Clinton campaign, but the repulsive merchandise of '08 that keeps us from spending! Maybe a better economic stimulus incentive would be stores stocked with items designed for real adults.

Jacquielynn Floyd, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, is staging a similar rant, but with broader readership. She has quickly found a large and angry group of female readers, aged 25-80, who are all disgusted with retail choices. Read my lips! Our purse$ stay zipped!

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