Caucus disgust #2

The precinct caucus leader received the official packet Tuesday evening, but the Wizard of Oz hadn't presented him with a brain. That might be why the precinct caucus sign-in was set up a small table up the steps to the stage in the elementary school cafetorium. Never mind the folks with walkers. This poor schmo had no tools at his disposal for organizing recording, and certifying over one hundred aggravated Democrats and cross-over Republicans for Hillary.

We had already been diverted through the playground mud around to the back door of the lunchroom. We'd milled about sorting ourselves into precinct 15 and 70 groups, then reluctantly sat ourselves down on the lunchroom benches and floor.

The Texas Democratic Two-Step primary process has been much in the news. The spotlight should remain aimed on it until public outcry forces a restructuring of the delegate apportionment process and a greater organizational transparency for the Texas Democrats, the party of diverse individuals.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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