What is play?

I've been taking photos of a collaged cigar box, and altering the images to make a sort of virtual quilt. I pretend I'm "working".

This image inside the Barrister cigar box collage is a photo of a steam iron created by youngest son, the Woolly Mammoth. I pasted prints of the image inside the box bending like a Bandaid from the bottom to the side.

Once the box was given a glossy varnish it was tricky trying to photograph it, as the flash glare wiped out sections of the image. What was left reminded me of a quilt with triangular pieces of solid and striped fabric. How could I use that design? That's where the line between work and play blurred.

With Photoshop, I could crop the image, then flip it horizontally or vertically. I could "paste" the pieces together in various ways.

It took a lot of concentration to flip the images, instead of them flipping me! This arrrangement seemed to have the most potential:

Much of my evening was spent in this effort. Maybe the design won't lead to a "work" project. It was certainly relaxing "play".
© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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