Husband Goes, Collar Stays

Back in my other life there were always collar stays lurking on counters, dressers, and inside drawers. My spouse's main incentive to keep our marriage together was his need for somebody to pick up his starched shirts at the cleaners.

This section of my current box collage project looks like a quilt block for the heavily starched. I needed a plastic collar stay for my collage. Been through all the drawers, closets, and ironing basket in my search.

After lunch we stopped in at the Jos. A. Bank store where we did our Christmas shopping. Silly me, I imagined they might have collar stays littering the floors of their dressing rooms. My art will have to do without! Jos. A. Bank would be happy to sell me a seven dollar box of collar stays, but had none for free. The arrow points to


© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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