Guest workers

Getting ready for my helpers who will arrive by mail late this week. I'm preparing my worm bin, the place where they will live and work, eating my kitchen waste and turning it into rich soil for patio flower pots.

My worm bin looks like most of the others pictured in vermiculture blogs. The dark-colored heavy plastic storage tub drilled with ventilation holes sitting up on water bottle lids over a plastic tray. Many worm advice columns suggest using a piece of burlap to cover the bin, but the effect was not aesthetically pleasing. I'm sticking with the lid of the storage tub with air holes added.

I've made up the bed for the Eisenia foetida and put little mints on their pillows. Okay, no mints, but a lovely arrangement of soggy leaves, shredded newspaper, torn egg cartons and tp tubes with in-room coffee grounds for grit. And in the gourmet restaurant I'll be serving all fresh and natural delicacies to my wiggling vegetarian foodies. Expect to read about the accomodations in next year's Fodors!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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