Seven veils of Salome stuck to your shoe

You're interviewing for a job, and realize your fly is unzipped. You're walking down the red carpet at the Academy Awards, and someone yells that you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe. You are trying on bras at Home Depot! Yes, all these are the stuff of nightmares--yours, mine, and my walking buddy's.

An inconsiderate person has moved out of an office near my school and left tons of stuff in and around our dumpster--desks, computers, boxes, printers, holiday popcorn tins, paper, a door... The regular trash bags are piled up on top of all this junk, and the wind is gusting up to forty miles per hour.

The Tuesday garbage truck arrives and empties the dumpster. Somehow one of those continuous-feed multi-form printer paper stacks gets wrapped around one wheel. The paper just keeps unfolding and trailing along behind the garbage truck like toilet paper stuck to a giant's shoe! As the truck lumbers through the neighborhood, the paper flaps and twirls in an impressive dance.

I'm thinking about seductive, nightmarish dances with trailing and twirling diaphanous veils because the Dallas Opera is about to perform Richard Strauss's "Salome". How will the opera be staged? What creative visual interpretations will be imposed on this intense music? I pray it won't be updated to our current time with veils of Bounce, Charmin, duct tape, and printer paper! What would Mr. Whipple do?

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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