Ball joints

This is a classic holiday. My '96 Buick is in the shop awaiting a new $865 fuel pump. The Buick should probably be on its way to the auto smasher, but I received a nice bumper sticker for Christmas. Seemed like a good reason to repair it yet again:


My parents always seemed to celebrate holidays and anniversaries with expensive automotive repairs when I was a kid. So many years of snow tires for Christmas! I didn't even understand the humor the year they gave each other ball joints for their wedding anniversary. Mom and Dad certainly gave each other the steering and suspension for their lives.

It seems fitting to agonize over what to discard, and what to fix on the last day of the year. Rust adds a certain character to people and vehicles. The deteriorating exterior of the Buick hides the frequently expensive improvements to the operating mechanism. That's something to keep in mind when I look in the mirror. Whom do I owe, and whom do I credit for these improvements in the big scheme beyond credit card plastic?

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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