A little sad today, Nene

A friend writes that he's "on vacation", wearing Hawaiian shirts and building a deck on his house. It has suddenly turned to perfect fall deck weather here. Lows in the fifties and highs in the mid-eighties. How nice it would be to do the morning crossword puzzle out on the deck, writing in the requisite "nene" for the Hawaiian goose clue.

It's been nearly twenty years since I had a house with a backyard deck. Feeling generally sentimental and nostalgic today. My sons went through a very fun Hawaiian shirt phase as preteens and young teen. We had a large assortment of tropical flower, bird, and surfing motif apparel, and a crazy schedule of afterschool activities requiring Mom Mobile transportation. The boys outgrew the phase, and the shirts, and began to drive themselves. The shirts became costumes at a children's theatre. I'm not half as busy as I was then, but I still don't seem to have time for a crossword puzzle on a deck.

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