Emits Showers of Cold Water

Part II of Light Fuse Get Away Fast.

Warning labels on fireworks always make me laugh. Emits Showers Of Sparks. Well, I sure hope so. That's why I bought it!

There should be a cautionary label on those black "snakes" that said Leaves Ugly Marks On Driveway. Makes Your Mom Crabby. That would be more useful.

Speaking of crabby moms, my Kenmore gas water heater's pilot light won't stay lit. Two mornings of cold showers make a mom irritable, especially with dirty dishes piling up, and waiting around for the gas company technician. Get to sit around again tomorrow waiting for the Kenmore serviceman. The darn water heater is only two and a half years old. It has a piezo push-button igniter, so I don't have to light matches or pray that my hair won't erupt in flames. Contortions are still required to watch for the "clean blue flame of quality" through the little window two inches off the ground while holding down the gas knob with one hand and pushing the igniter button quickly and repeatedly with the other while spiders dance on my head.

This would be a nice time for the hummingbirds to pay a visit to cheer me up.

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Genevieve said...

We have a gas heater with a piezo ignition. I don't like those piezo things, but they are safer than a match. Even with the piezo, I have to lie down on the floor and read the directions with the flashlight a few time before I finally get the heater lit. Hope your water heater's better after a visit from the doctor.


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