August Sasse wisdom

Dont hunt for trouble!

But look for success ---

You will find what you look for --

Dont look for distress --- ---

If you see but your shadow

Remember I pray

That The sun is still shining -

But you are in The way. ----

Dont grumble, dont bluster

Dont dream, and dont shirk -

Dont Think of your worries; ,,

But Think of your work:" ----

The worries, will vanish -

The work will be done -- -- --

For no one, sees his shadow

Who faces The Sun !!! ---

Yours - with Eternal Love :,, your

Mother and Father

Dorothy and August Sasse

October 15th 1911.

Orleans Harlan County


© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I wanted to contact you. I was searching family history and I found your blog. My grandmother's maiden name was Sasse, and she grew up in Harlan County, Nebraska. I have tried at various times to track her family to no avail until now. I would really appreciate it if we could share information. You can contact me at cowgrlatitude@yahoo.com
Thank you,


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