Thanks, Darth, I needed that!

I never thought I'd be thanking the Creepy Veep for inspiring an elementary art lesson , but it's definitely time for fracturing some fairy tales. Yes, the Constitution is falling! Oh, gosh! We must go and tell the king! Henny Penny Goes to Washington:

What is that awful smell???

"White House of Mirrors" 6/24/07 editorial NYTimes

...Vice President Dick Cheney sets the gold standard, placing himself not just above Congress and the courts but above Mr. Bush himself. For the last four years, he has been defying a presidential order requiring executive branch agencies to account for the classified information they handle. When the agency that enforces this rule tried to do its job, Mr. Cheney proposed abolishing the agency.

Mr. Cheney, who has been at the heart of the administration’s darkest episodes, has bizarre reasons for doing that. The Times reported that the vice president does not consider himself a mere member of the executive branch. No, he decided the vice president is also a lawmaker — because he is titular president of the Senate — and does not have to answer to the executive branch. That is absurd, but if that’s how he wants it, we presume Mr. Cheney will stop claiming executive privilege to withhold information from his fellow congressmen.

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