Recording reading to toddlers

Unearthed a box of cassette tapes deep in the closet today, and found a joy. When my oldest son was about eighteen months old I made a recording while I read several of his favorite stories and poems to him. The goal was to make a good tape for settling down at naptime. I also wanted to record one particularly annoying book about Bert and Ernie and a wrong telephone number so I would never, ever have to read it again, and wouldn't feel too guilty if the book somehow disappeared.

The joy was hearing tiny Jeffy talking as I read. He was pointing out some of the pictures, naming the animals and characters--"lamb", "children", "pweeceman small". It brought back wonderful memories. I wish I had recorded more, and done the same with my other sons.

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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Genevieve said...

I can imagine how happy a discovery of my little children's voices recorded would have made me.

One of the early words my daughter learned was "Read!" which she pronounced "Wee!" It was easy to understand what she was saying because she always had a book in hand as she insisted, "Wee! Wee!"


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