Stitching with C-SPAN 2

Way over on the upper left side of the map, an old friend is creating a blog for her knitting for peace and charity group. I don't plan to knit until I become a grandma, and there's no rush on that! It's just that I'm best at small knitting projects.

My walk-buddy says only old people watch C-SPAN. Okay, that must be me. I like to have C-SPAN 2 as background noise while I'm working on textile art projects. Parliamentary procedure makes me happy. Quorum counts give me the calm to thread small-eyed needles. When I glance up from my work, I can see which senators have $400 hairdos. I can hear which senators are jumping on The World Is Flat bandwagon.

On the good side, I'm not yet stitching pale yellow and green covers for toilet paper rolls or Kleenex boxes.
© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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