Mission Control

The preschoolers love talking into their microphones to communicate with the class pet rabbit during his imaginary space mission. They direct the astrobunny when to wake up, to blast off, to fix the rocket, take space walks, to exercise, snap photos, and build the international space station.

They think the best way for astrobunnies to stay in shape out there in space was to do some karate. Yikes! Weightless lagomorphic tae kwon do!

The kids push buttons on their egg carton computer keyboards when they want to capture an image of a passing meteor or asteroid (or the ubiquitous smiling sun in the upper left corner of every picture). The "screens" of their computers are clear plastic bags. That way, they can change which of their astrobunny drawings is on view by slipping in a new picture. We included some colored cellophane to alter the look of their drawings. It also resembles the dreaded "blue screen of death" every PC owner fears. The kids spoke clearly into their microphones telling the astrobunnies to hurry back to Earth to fix the broken computers! Classroom pets have to be multitalented heroes. Give that bunny a sip of Tang!

At the spring music program a few kids spoke into the microphone as narrators. At our egg carton Mission Control, everybody gets to talk into their own microphone!

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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