What would Moira do? For over thirty years Moira has been a mental mentor when I get dressed. Moira didn't really plan to act to act in this capacity. Moira's main problem was a failure to plan ahead. This is a cautionary tale worthy of Aesop, or at least Maurice Sendak.

My part-time job in high school was working in the hospital kitchen slicing jello into cubes, making nutritious blender snacks, ladling cream of wheat, wrapping silverware in napkins, and ensuring patients received the meals ordered by their doctors. I excelled at putting exactly six vanilla wafers, three Lorna Doones, or five saltines into a wax paper bag. True, there was a good deal of flirtation with the high school guys on the dishwashing crew, but it was very educational. Except for starting work at six a.m. and wearing those cheapy white uniforms, the job was a lot of fun.

Students from the university served their dietician internships in the hospital kitchen. They were putting all that college theory into a practical framework, and we high school kids were delighted to provide them real life professional management learning opportunities. So it is a nice balance that Moira gave us real life wardrobe planning learning opportunities.

At six or six-thirty on weekend mornings when Moira arrived to direct our breakfast shift endeavors, she often had to wear her white uniform over a lacy black bra. Oops. This would inspire the dishwashers' derisive comments about where Moira had been overnight that she would forget to wear a white bra. We were all learning that professional authority is difficult to maintain under such wardrobe malfunction conditions. This is an important real-life business place lesson.

At that point, I weighed about 95 pounds, and wore a size 29 white cotton training bra under my white uniform. Moira's wardrobe mistakes generated much more interest. Whoa! What weapons of male distraction!

Moira is on my mind because I am printing photos on translucent vellum paper for my collages. It's a peek-a-boo world, so plan your weekend wardrobe accordingly!

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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