The way to a man's heart is through his toes

Holy cow! I had no idea the way to enlightenment was through your socks. Plus, I had no idea my Mr. Moderation father was in a cult!

Dad needed new socks, but he didn't want just any socks from Shopko or Target. Only Gold Toe socks would do. Dad said he didn't know where to find Gold Toe. I think he just didn't want to reveal the secret handshake and password of the sock cult.

I went on the offensive. I would find Gold Toe socks for Dad. I would even find Gold Toe socks on sale at J.C. Penney in the Mall Formerly Known As Gateway.

I've heard of people meditating upon their belly button lint. Then there are folks who clean the sock lint out from between their toes. The Gold Toe cult combines the two. You can actually join the sock cult online by registering for the Gold Toe email newsletter, Three Steps to Enlightenment:

Travel the golden path in a series of three emails.
The first illuminates the Gold Toe difference.
The second shows you the way to the right socks for your lifestyle.
The third offers an exclusive, one time promotional discount code to use for purchasing socks from www.goldtoe.com.


Bally, PA - During the early part of last century, two German immigrants founded a small mill in Bally, Pennsylvania to manufacture men's hosiery and as a tribute to the country that adopted them, they named their company Great American Knitting Mills. From the start, Great American set out to look for "golden opportunities" in the marketplace. Ironically, the most fruitful and long lasting reward was to come from Great American's humble efforts to answer the needs of Americans hard hit by the Great Depression of 1929. Consumers wanted hosiery that would wear better and last longer than ever before, so Great American introduced a sock with a gold reinforcing yarn sewn in the toe. Before long, Americans everywhere were asking for the durable "sock with the gold toe." GOLDTOE® hosiery had emerged as one of the leading brands in America, and The Standard of Quality in the Industry. During 2002 the Company changed its name to Gold Toe Brands, Inc.

Today, the GOLDTOE® brand represents more than one-half of all department store sales of men's dress socks in the United States. And in recent years, GOLDTOE® has been making its mark in new segments of the hosiery industry: in 1983, GOLDTOE® introduced a women's line, followed by a boys line in 1986 and a women's tights line in 1992.

GOLDTOE®'s Executive Headquarters are in New York and Operations Headquarters are in Burlington, North Carolina.

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