Tinkering with the new blog

I'm tinkering these days as I improve the layout for my visual art blog, MamaCollages. The New Blogger makes creating a blog so much easier than when I first made one right after the dinosaurs died out.

I just love Blogger's new layout widgets, and the little screwdriver/wrench icon. The icon reminds me of the times my little sons would play "barbershop" and style my hair with the tools from their Fisher Price toolbox.

The boys were also fond of playing "Braum's," because Braum's was their favorite restaurant. Playing Braums required constructing a restaurant out of the wooden blocks, then parking ALL the Hot Wheels cars at the block restaurant. Only then would they set up a table and toy dishes for their only customer. Mom would be the customer for hours at a time--ordering, receiving my order, eating, having more coffee and pretend ice cream, and paying. This type of play is so important for children learning the concept of sequence.

I never minded that the boys had the blocks, dishes, and Hot Wheels all out at the same time, as long as they tried to separate them during the clean-up. It drove my spouse nuts, though. Whether I'm creating a piece of art, a new blog, or an edible meal, I always have several types of playthings out at once! Considering and combining all the different possibilities is what collage is all about.

The Sonic DriveIn down my street has a monthly muscle car show in its big parking lot on a Saturday night. It looks ever so much like the Hot Wheels parked at the block restaurant, and always makes me smile.

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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