The Red-Headed League

Fabulous convention of redheads at the Dallas Arboretum Monday morning, and not just the full range of red tulips lining the walks. Everywhere I looked, cute young mommies and proud grandfathers were taking photos of darling redheaded children all clean, combed, and polished in their best spring outfits. Usually the Arboretum is headquarters for bridal photography, but I did not see a single wedding gown. I don't know how I got in, as the park seemed magically and unofficially reserved for the redheads. The man directing parking did ask me why I hadn't brought my grandkids, which isn't very nice to say to a youngster like myself.

If I'd know about the convention, I could have brought my Midge doll with the red flip hairdo. I'm glad to report the children were dressed in light greens, whites, seersuckers, stripes, oxford shirts, khakis, dress shorts, twirly Easter dresses, and no magenta. These mommies clearly understood Midge's first rule for redhead attire--don't wear pink.

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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